Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Busy, busy at "Home" - 8/26/14 through 9/10/14

It’s been since 8/26/14 when I last posted a blog.  We have been very busy since we got home.

The weather here in Northeast Missouri has been very HOT & HUMID until the past few days.

When we got back to Missouri, I was asked if I would be interested in working part time where I use to work before retiring.  It sounded like a great idea and a way to earn some money for Christmas gifts, so I decided to do it.  Also, when you work with people, you become “a family” of sorts.  I missed being with my co-workers, therefore I thought it would be a great way to catch up on their lives, as well.   I told them I was interested in working 3 days/week for the next 8 weeks while I was here.   So, for the past two weeks I have worked for them.  After the first 3 days, I remembered why I quit my job & retired….my feet hurt and my back hurt (after standing 8 hours a day on a cement floor).   I did better the second week … Ibuprofrin is my best friend…as it helped the hurt quite a bit.   Growing old is ‘Hell-o’… but it has been nice to be back with my ‘work family’.

Bob has been doing volunteer work at the Corp of Engineer's park that we are staying at.  Poor guy…he’s been working out in the heat and humid weather.  There are pesky horse flies in this park that swarm around and when they land on you, they bite.  He has whelps all over his back where they have landed and bit him.

Last Friday, I was off work so Bob & I had plans to clean the exterior of our 5th Wheel.  When we came to this park, we were parked in a site that got tree sap all over the roof and other areas of the camper.  We were able to move from that site to a different site on Labor Day.  So far, we haven’t seen any evidence of the trees leaving sap on this new site.  Anyway, we tackled the tedious job of getting the sap off of our roof & other places on the camper.  It was a bit cooler yesterday but it was still hot.  We cleaned on the roof and the rest of the exterior for at least 5 ½ to 6 hours.  We got most of the sap off, but it left stains on the roof.  We had to be careful of what to use to clean the rubber roof, due to some cleaners would break down the material.  After we finished that task, we showered and just took it easy.

We have had some family get together's since we have gotten back, and our two grandchildren have spent 2 weekends with us.   We have visited with our parents several times also.

Saturday was my birthday.  Bob & I spent the morning organizing things in our basement storage area of our 5th wheel and I also filed all the manuals, operating instructions that came with our new RV in an accordion file for easy access.  After we sat down for a light late lunch and showered, we left to go to Moberly Walmart and then on to Kara & Dustin’s house for a birthday dinner that they were having for me.  Kara made up the homemade pizza dough and fixed the pizza and Dustin got the grill heated up and he grilled the pizza.  It was soooo delicious … earlier I was thinking about buying pizza ingredients so we could have pizza, as that was what I have been craving.  The weather was nice so we ate outside in their yard around a campfire.  Kara made some fruit pizza for desert….so good!!!  We had a great time.  Dustin had worked all day and we knew he was tired so we left when it started to get dark outside.

Sunday, I stained some boards that Bob is going to use to make shelves where I want to add some in the RV.  After I got that done, I vacuumed the car and the truck.   Later in the afternoon Bob & I went to our oldest daughter’s house to take the grandkids fishing nearby and for a barbecue. 

Monday & Tuesday of this week I worked.  Bob met a our friend, Ed, at Wentzville who was having something installed on his car and was leaving it there for a couple of days to get the job done.  Bob was giving him a ride back.  Tuesday, Bob worked at the campground.

Today, I took my mother to an appointment she had in Quincy, and Bob picked up Ed to take him to Wentzville to pick up his car.

Last night there was heavy rain in the area… (great sleeping weather).   A cold front is going to hit so it will be time to get out the jeans and hopefully enjoy a campfire in the next few days.

It seems that we keep busy when we are back home for a few weeks.  There is always so many things we want to do or get done during those weeks, that time really flies.

Tomorrow I go to work, and if it's not raining, Bob will spend some time working at the park.

Have a nice day!!!