Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 23 - June 13, 2015 - Our Last Day of Vacation

This morning Bob & I got up and got ready to take the final leg of our vacation:  return to Indian Creek Campground.  Terryn & Kolton spent last night with Kelsey & Brett so we did our usual things in preparation for travel.  I got the inside of camper ready to travel and Bob got the outside ready to roll. We both had just gotten finished, had the 5th Wheel hooked up to the truck when Brett drove up with the kids.  They got out of the car with a full box of fresh donuts that Brett had gotten for us earlier in the morning.  We said our goodbyes to Brett and we all got buckled up in the truck.  Before we took off, we all held hands and said a prayer for safe travels, for our family & friends, for our family that is no longer with us, and for everyone that is sick or in need of prayers.  That is a daily ritual for us, especially when traveling.

 According to the GPS we have about 3 hours travel time to get to Indian Creek Campground (near Indian Creek, MO).  We decided to take a lunch break in Columbia, MO.  Bob pulled into the Bass Pro parking lot since they have a large lot and we can find a good place to park our rig.  There are a couple of restaurants next to Bass Pro so we walked to one of them and ate lunch.

We returned to the truck and we were on the road again.  Kristyn and I were messaging each other on our cell phones.  I told her we should be home in 3 days.  We wanted to surprise her by coming home today but she had already figured out that we were closer to home than we were letting on.  I had not mentioned in the blog where our location was the past two days (until I later added it), and was late posting the blog yesterday, in order to surprise her.  That surprise fizzled out when Bob had posted a Happy Anniversary to me a couple of days ago on facebook and it automatically posted our location.   Kristyn informed me that she knew we should be very close to home.  She asked what time we thought we would be arriving at the campground and I told her.

We arrived at Indian Creek Campground, got backed in to our site and got out of the truck.  Kristyn and Terry drove up to our site not long after we got set up and in the camper.  Needless to say, after being away from their parents for 23 days, Terryn & Kolton were very happy to see their Mom & Dad.  Kristyn and Terry were happy to see their kids.

Terryn went in the camper with me and we gathered all their bags and stuff.  It wasn't long and they were saying their goodbyes and thank you's to us for taking them on vacation.  It's always fun to go on vacation, but it is also nice to get back home.

This ends our wonderful vacation with our Grandchildren.  We feel fortunate to have been able to take Terryn & Kolton on this 23 day vacation, that their parents allowed us to take them for that many days, and that God allowed us to have a safe trip with no mishaps.

We made many great memories these past 23 days with Terryn and Kolton that we will always cherish. We enjoyed every minute with them, and we could tell they enjoyed it as much as we did.

The End...(until we take them on another vacation with us).  We love those kiddos to the moon and back!

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