Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 22 - Travel Day to Knob Noster MO to Surprise Kelsey!!!

Today is our 39th Anniversary!  Thirty-nine years sounds like a long time but doesn't really seem that long to me.  Time seems to fly the older we get....three grown daughters and two grandchildren later; we've had a lot of happiness in our life.  Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

This morning we drove from Branson, MO to Knob Noster, MO and arrived at Knob Noster State Park just in time to get the last campsite available.  We lucked out because we did not have a reservation. There is a Air Show at Whiteman Air Force Base this weekend so there are a lot of extra people in the area this weekend.  We knew this while traveling to Knob Noster; hoping there would be some campsites available.

After getting our camper set up in the campsite, we got in the truck and went to McDonald's in
Knob Noster to get a quick bite to eat for lunch.

Then, we drove to Warrensburg, MO which is about 15 minutes away as we were going to 'surprise Kelsey' with a visit.  We parked our truck about a half block from Kelsey's house and walked to her house and rang the door answer.  We were all standing by the side of the door where she couldn't see us if she peaked out the window to see who it was.  Bob reached and rang the door bell again and Kolton knocked on the door.  We were just about ready to give up when we heard her coming to the door.  She opened the door wondering who would be at the door, realizing it was us when we yelled "Surprise".

She grabbed a hold of Terryn and Kolton and gave them a big hug & smack-a-roo. We all gave Kelsey a big hug.  Our surprise worked out; that's why I did not put in yesterday's blog that we were spending the night in Branson, MO...we didn't want Kelsey to know we were so close.

We enjoyed our visit with Kelsey (our youngest daughter) and her boyfriend Brett.   Our niece and her two kids had plans to visit with Kelsey and Brett this weekend and they showed up around 5:30 or so.  Her two kids were asleep when they arrived, so Monica carried them in the house and they continued to sleep for another hour and a half.  When the kids woke up, we all got in to vehicles and went to Tequila Jalisco Mexican Restaurant in Knob Noster to have dinner.  We were seated right away, but they were super busy so it took quite a while to get our orders.  That was okay because that gave us time to visit.  I forgot to take any pictures; hate it when that happens!

It was getting late by the time we got back to Kelsey's after eating dinner so we said our goodnight to them and went back to Knob Noster State Park.   Of course, Terryn & Kolton had already talked Kelsey into letting them spend the night, so we left without our grandkids and went back to our RV for the night.

We don't see Kelsey and Brett too often so it is always nice to stop by when traveling if it is in the right direction. Terryn & Kolton love their Aunt Kelsey and Brett.  They always have fun with them.


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  1. Happy anniversary indeed! And a wee break to boot.