Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 10 - Destination: Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Hi Ho, Hi Animal Kingdom We Go!!!   And, a great day we all had!!!

We boarded the bus this morning.....ready to share a new experience and unloaded at Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

 When we first walked in to Animal Kingdom we saw a couple of beautiful parrots.

Our eyes were then taken straight ahead of us to 'the Tree of Life'. Wow, was it ever a work of art with all of the animal carvings throughout the trunk of the tree!

We ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe which was really delicious and the finale was a
 delicious Chocolate Volcano to share that really impressed Terryn.  It was so yummy!!

Terryn & Kolton hugged Daisy and got her autograph.

We went to Africa on a safari and saw many live animals.  We  also spotted a  creepy humongous Rex.

Terryn saw Tinkerbell; we were all in awe when she landed in Terryn's opened hand.

It was hard to believe that we could be where it was so hot & humid, yet be able
 to see a snow covered mountain.

We were getting ready to leave the park, and happened upon Olaf!!!

We left Animal Kingdom just in time for a cool shower.  As we were standing under
 a bus stop covered area, the blowing rain got us wet and cooled off real quick.
  When we returned to the campground, it was just starting to sprinkle.  If we were not
 already wet enough, we got a little wetter making a mad dash to our camper.

  Again, we all had a wonderful day.  Kolton's favorite adventure today was 'It's Tough To Be A Bug' 3-D Movie.  Terryn's favorite thing today was the huge Chocolate Volcano we were served at the
 Rain Forest Cafe.  Pops and I enjoyed the Kilimanjaro Safari; seeing all the live animals.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 9 - Today's Adventure at Disney World's Epcot

Dressed and out the door; off to Epcot we go!  The day started out raining and was overcast almost all day but we were okay with that because we knew it would be hot and humid if it were a sunny day.  Kolton laughed at MaMa cause he didn't know I could run so fast as we headed out the camper to go to the bus stop in the rain.  The bus arrived and we all took some seats.

When we got to Epcot, there was some dark clouds hanging over us.  We got in the gate and immediately got in line to Spaceship Earth.

Next, we went to Ellen's Energy Adventure (Ellen DeGeneres').  Terryn and Kolton both said this was their favorite of the day. They liked it because it first appeared to be theater seating, but later the seating divided up and moved.  I think they thought the mechanics of it was cool; so did we!

We had a very delicious sit down meal complete with dessert at the Coral Reef Restaurant.  It was a nice change to eat a good meal; not fast food.  Bob had  lobster manicoti, Janet had steak meal, and the kids had grilled chicken & steamed broccoli.

After lunch, we went to several other attractions and we also walked around all the different countries at Epcot.

 Florida should get a award for having the most lizards; there are lizards everywhere!  Notice on one of the pictures, the lizard on the bridge that was on a train track display.  

            Terryn and Kolton got to meet and get an autograph and photo with Duffy the Disney Bear.We all had fun going to 'The Seas with Nemo & Friends'.

Today was a comfortable day as far as weather; the humidity was bearable.  We got a little wet from rain &/or sprinkles, but at least the sun wasn't beating down on us.


I don't think Epcot is a favorite with most kids, but I noticed the adults were sure enjoying the beer on tap and other adult beverages.  Of course, we didn't indulge in any adult beverages since our
grand kids were with us, but we did enjoy some ice cold soda & a frozen treat.